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Ashley Avery Print Models

Ashely Avery agent always gets such cool jobs! The gigs are always so much fun and it’s so hard to believe I’m actually working! I love working with them!

Annelise Jorgensen, Los Angeles, CA

I have always enjoyed working with Ashley Avery Agency. All of the events are always a lot of fun and the people we work with are great. Ashley always responds in a timely manner and makes sure we are comfortable and having a good time!

Chelsea Cohen, Atlanta, GA

The perfect mixture of fun and professionalism is a tough task, but Ashley Avery Agency has done just that. Her goal is to make both the client and models happy and it’s for that reason I’ve worked for her for years. Everyone is taken care of.

Jenna Hopkins, Austin, TX

I have only just recently begun working with Ashley and I can honestly say it has been such a lovely and enjoyable experience. Ashley and her company is so professionally run, the communication is top notch, the work is super fun and it’s just nice to work for someone that makes everything so easy. She is always looking out for her girls and throwing incredible and exciting opportunities our way! I really feel like she always has her girls best interests at heart and she makes me feel really welcome and comfortable. I’m super excited for a fun, work packed 2016 working for Ash! I really respect and look up to her and feel so privileged to be a part of this team!

Ashleigh Hession, Las Vegas, NV
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