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Intelligent and energetic models at your trade show booth that know how to keep a crowd. Don’t just be present at your next trade show or convention event, leave an impression! That is exactly what A3 models accomplish at every convention and tradeshow event.

Outsourcing talent for trade shows is a very cost efficient and effective way to attend a trade show in any city across the United States or internationally.

Utilizing models and talent to assist in the trade show process is a great way to ensure that you keep your sales force and other team members assigned on their current projects and reduces the costs of covering travel of employees to the show destination.

Trade Show Models

Our talent has been trained in variety of areas to help bring traffic into your booth and help you to increase the productivity of the show.

Talent Options include but are not limited to:

  • Booth Hostess
  • Tradeshow Presenter
  • Tradeshow Models
  • Ear Prompter Proficient Talent
  • Crowd Gathers
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Associates
  • Product Specialist

Utilizing our talent will let you focus on your business and goals for the show while we can bring the people to you!